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Partner with Teledyne Storm Microwave and you’ll find “best fit” means more to us than just offering the right product. It also means providing the right services and technical expertise to support your unique needs.

This site contains all products currently available for online purchase from Teledyne Storm Microwave.


  • Over 35 years supplying high performance microwave cable assemblies for a wide range of challenging applications
  • Broad range of products designed and tested for stable, dependable performance 
  • Cable produced internally to ensure predictable performance
  • Company-wide commitment to meeting customers’ scheduling and product performance expectations


  • Facing an aggressive build schedule and armed with only a project outline, Storm develops 250 unique, phase matched, blindmate cable assembly configurations and delivers them ahead of schedule; exceeding customer expectations for a turn-key solution.
  • Responding to a key customer’s need to reduce system costs, Storm develops a new high performance ePTFE cable product that meets the system requirements for less than 30% of the cost of alternative SiO2 products.
  • Addressing a key customer’s need for a miniature cable that combines flexibility, shielding effectiveness, and low attenuation, Storm develops a new cable with an innovative shield construction and delivers finished assemblies that exceed customer performance requirements.


  • 35+ years of proven product solutions to “jump start” new challenges
  • Standard cable products—built and tested by Storm—available off the shelf and online at
  • Production staff and systems geared toward high mix, short run
  • Experienced application engineering staff knowledgeable in microwave systems
  • Interactive product data available; visit and click on a product category